The Stoewer Museum is in Wald-Michelbach in the Odenwald in Hesse. It was opened in April 2002 in what was formerly a lighting shop and a savings bank. After the building had been converted and renovated, both inside and out, a generous exhibition space was created.
One aim was to provide a meeting place where the numerous worldwide Stoewer enthusiasts could share their hobby. The other aim was to be able to show the public some of Stoewer’s unique products.

Although most of the items on display are from Stoewer, the Museum is of interest to all who have a fondness for old cars, sewing machines and typewriters, or those who have an interest in part of Germany’s industrial history.
im Museum 1
The ground floor display is mainly cars and objects to do with driving. Most of the exhibited Stoewer cars have been excellently restored to working condition. They often leave the Museum to take part in Vintage/Veteran rallies. A 1930s car is shown without any bodywork and with cutaway sections, so it is easy to study the technical details of both car and engine.
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Stoewer sewing machines, typewriters and bicycles are on show in the basement. Some of them are in their original condition, some of them have been lovingly restored. Also in the basement is the “Stettin Room” where visitors can learn more about Stoewer’s home town.
im Museum 4
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Fans of historical advertisements will get their money’s worth as well. The Museum has a large number of original posters, signs and other documents which give a flavour of “those times”, before computerised conveyor belt production. People often are surprised at seeing the hand made exhibits which are aesthetically pleasing both in detail and as a whole.

im Museum 6
Wald-Michelbach in the Odenwald

For your next Sunday trip plan a visit to the Stoewer Museum. When you come from further afield book a room in one of the hotels in Wald-Michelbach, stay a couple of days and get to know the lovely Odenwald. Information about hotels is available via